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Six Pack Bags Review

Today I would like to show you a brand new product taking the UK Bodybuilding world by storm, its called the Six Pack Bag heres a sample:

Six Pack Bags (3 meals)


For a closer look inside the Six Pack Bag have a look at this video:

The 5 meal Six Pack Bag costs £79.95 from Sports Nutritional

The Smaller 3 meal six pack bag is cheaper at only £59.95

Having used this bag daily for several weeks I can say its a life saver and has saved so me so much time and effort carrying meals around!

View all the Six Pack Bags from Sports Nutritional

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Oxy Black Pro Hormone Review (60 Capsules) – More than just a nice tub?

Oxy Black Pro Hormone Review (60 Capsules), well lets just say I like the style this new pro hormone is bring to the table, question is does is perform as well as it looks?

From research and speaking to individuals that have tried this supplement we will be giving you a better understanding of this supplement Oxy Black Pro Hormone, on the label:

  • Increased Cellular Tissue (Anabolism)
  • No Estrogen Conversion Or Bloating
  • Highest Anabolic Ratio Available
  • Increased Mass, Strength And Appetite Stimulation.

I have heard from speaking to a few users of this supplement that the oxy black prohormone works and has given users some good results.


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Buy Extreme Nutrition T Bullets Pro Hormone Testosterone Booster Review

T Bullets Review

Extreme Nutrition has a good reputation when it comes to good tasting supplements and now they are reaching out into the pro hormone area with their new release Extreme nutrition T-bullets which are meant to pack a punch, question is what is the supplement like for real people, we are here to find out. We have spoke to many people who have tried this supplement and we will hopefully give you a better idea of what Extreme T Bullets are about.

From speaking to various people who regularly goto the gym and have trained for at least a year a few times a week, their advice when asked about whether they should buy T Bullets or not is to go ahead and Buy T Bullets although every person is different and when it comes to taking a supplement its really down to the individual. Some of the reasons that Extreme Nutrition T bullets are a popular and have had good reviews is beacuse they actually do what they are supposed to do unlike other supplements that have claimed to be the next big thing Extreme Nutrition T Bullets actually have given people what it says on the label.

Extreme T bullets – What to the label claims?

  • Increase muscle and strength rapidly
  • Add solid muscle tissue with each workout
  • Increase mental focus and workout intensity

From what I have heard from people who have taken T Bullets is that these claims are real and as long as you follow this supplement up with an after cycle supplement such as Extreme Nutrition Reload then you should also be able to keep any muscle gains that you make!

Looking for T Bullets for sale?

Buy T Bullets and Reload


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New Extreme Mass Gainer

New from Extreme Nutrition one of the best tasting Mass Gainers in Sports Nutrition.

We have tested this product and can say that the chocolate is the best tasting shake we have ever tried and the strawberry is also very tasty.

Here is a bit of info on the product:
At last our new weight gainer/mass builder is ready for release. After months of playing with formulas and flavours for months we’ve finally designed a blend that will help you all gain quality mass fast!

We’ve chosen 3 low G.I. (Glycemic Index) carbohydrate and 3 different protein sources which will give you a complete amino acid profile and a time released absorption which allows a greater nutrient uptake.

Read more on Extreme Mass

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Whey Protein

Ever wondered what people mean when they say they need protein in their diet or need to get a protein shake? Well what they are talking about is Whey Protein which you buy and then make into a protein shake.

Protein is important in a diet but sports athletes tend to place more importance on protein intake mainly due to the fact that protein is used to build muscle mass.

You can buy Whey Protein online and there are various brands which manufacture protein powders and other supplements, so its worth having a look at what each product offers

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Familia Gladiatoria

Well I thought I would go ahead and get myself a Familia Gladiatoria Tee Shirt, I decided to go for the Original Cage Tee in rust (red). So I got the T-Shirt today and it fit perfectly and feels great to wear not like some cheap £5 Tee Shirt, quality vs quantity if I had the choice between having 1 high quality tee shirt or 5 poor quality tee shirt it I would go for the 1 high quality every time. Its similar to the case of relationships if you could have 1 quality partner or 5 poor ones which one would you choose, when it comes to clothes I would go for Familia Gladiatoria or Affliction Clothing every time

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